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Jessica's Review from Airbnb

I cannot say enough about our experience staying with Thomas at The Pyramid Lofts.

First of all, the view of the pyramids from the rooftop is absolutely breathtaking. Not only was Thomas a great host, he was a guide who took us to see things we never imagined we'd have access to. He looked after us and made sure we did not get scammed or taken for a ride by the many local merchants who see dollar signs when they see tourists. He was a friend who took us along to fun parties and social outings. He literally sat us down when we arrived, asked us what we wanted to experience during our stay in Egypt and what budget we had to play with. He then put together a fantastic itinerary for our stay taking us from the pyramids in Giza to hot air ballooning in Luxor to snorkeling in Dahab. He often escorted us and gave us the best experience. If he did not come along, he would regularly call us to check in on us and how everything was going. When we went to visit other cities, he organized our stay and arranged for someone to meet us upon arrival. He was always available for us to call if we needed to explain directions to a cab driver or know if we were paying a fair price for something. Booking our stay at Pyramid Lofts was a great decision. We came as guests, but we lefts as friends. We will be recommending it to all our friends.


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