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Pyramids Loft

Make your experience in Egypt last longer while saving money on accommodation!

We believe in the workaway concept: in exchange for working 25 hours per week, you will receive room and board and be able to participate in tourist activities with the guests.

Local Activities
My name's Ahmed, but you can call me Thomas. I own this homestay community at the closest you can inhabit next to the great pyramids of Giza. We sublease rooms within the house for either short or long term stays. Ours is a four apartment house with a breathtaking pyramid view; it's the best in town! We have it fitted with a barbecue and cushions on the shared rooftop. Two apartments have 4 bedrooms. The apartments all have shared living rooms furnished with a sitting area, a table, and cable TV. There is wireless internet access in the whole building. The area is away from downtown Cairo, so we can enjoy a nice clean breeze and very quiet atmosphere. We can also find everything we need nearby. There are supermarkets open 24/7, swimming pools, cafés and restaurants, and even a golf course right at the foot of the pyramids.
If you want to go downtown, the transportation is efficient and very cheap, costing no more than 50 cents!
General Maintenance, Cleaning, Cooking/Shopping, Art Work, Teaching, Help in the house, Helping with tourists, Help with Computers/Internet
We are very flexible and we are trying to establish a laid back community. So simply whatever you can do will be much appreciated and that may include any of the following: cleaning and servicing the rooms, cooking and shopping, showing guests around, marketing and IT, etc. We are expanding the house, so if you have some craft skills - that would be a plus. Otherwise, any big ideas and creative thinking are much appreciated!
English, Arabic
One of the house rooms. It could be possibly shared (though it's not likely to be) with another volunteer (only if we are short on rooms).  We can't make the commitment of providing all meals, but food is so cheap with $1 you can fill yourself up, or use our kitchen to cook.
Living here is such wonderful experience and we would love to share it with you. You will meet new people and you can join them on a tour around Egypt! During your free time you can enjoy the Egyptian culture, try to learn Arabic, chill on the rooftop, and enjoy yourself in a new city!

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